Franko Roma - Ukrainian for Speakers of English

Українська назва: Українська для англомовних
Видавництво: Detselig Enterprises
Рік видавництва: 1994
Кількість сторінок: 429+220+174 сторінки (3 книжки)
Уроки української мови для англомовних українців США, Канади та Австралії.
Навчальний посібник. Це повний курс української мови для тих, хто володіє англійською мовою, який складається з 3 частин: Text (Підручник), Written exercises (Письмові вправи) і Oral exercises (Усні вправи).

Ukrainian language lessons for English-speaking Ukrainians in the USA, Canada and Australia. Ukrainian for Speakers of English is intended for individuals who have no knowledge of Ukrainian, but it is a useful resource for anyone with a limited or incomplete knowledge of the language. Although it was developed for senior high school or university students, it has been used successfully for home study. The material is presented for leaers who speak English,
but who may not know the formal rules of English grammar.
Before a new Ukrainian structure or grammatical rule is introduced, students are first reminded about what they know about a similar structure or rule in English.
The grammar explanations are brief and simple; they convey only as much information as a student can be expected to assimilate in the early stages of leaing a second language.
Numerous examples, summaries, and charts assist the student to organize and remember the information that is presented.
The student is able to apply what has been leaed about a particular structure or way of saying things in Ukrainian by actively engaging in carefully coordinated oral exercises and mini-conversations that are designed to be practiced in class, in the language lab, or at home. The written exercises provide a means of checking how thoroughly a point or structure has been leaed.
The systematic organization of the material ensures that students acquire the ability to use Ukrainian competently and lays the foundations for further formal and informal mastery of the language and for the enjoyment of Ukrainian literature.

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